This moment reminds me of the times in Narnia where the characters report “Aslan is on the move.”

Target is being effectively boycotted. Bud Light is plummeting. Regular, ordinary, and sane parents are taking over school boards. Disney movies with woke messaging are tanking.

These are not small events. Wait. Actually, they are. They are small events but with large consequences. For the past 60 years, Christianity has been receding in this country from the public sphere. Something has changed.

It seems to me that many Christians have awoken to the darkness of our times. It took Covid for us to realize what was being taught to our schools. It took the FBI’s abuse of power and corruption to be on full display for us to question the existence of the deep state. It took the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein for many to realize that all the rumors were true about child trafficking among our elites.

Evil is operating, doing its thing. They have been operating on the same playbook for over a half a century. But our responses are changing. We’re seeing the darkness now. We’re searching for light.

Something has changed. There’s good news out there. Aslan is on the move. God has not forgotten us. And it turns out we have not forgotten Him.