I read at LifeSiteNews.com that former President Trump instructed at least one candidate to lie about abortion. Is it surprising?

Failed Republican candidate for Michigan governor Tudor Dixon told former President Donald Trump that he was “right” to help tone down her “no exceptions” abortion platform during her 2022 campaign.

Dixon lost to Democrat incumbent Gretchen Whitmer 55 to 44 percent last fall. Whitmer’s campaign made Dixon’s opposition to abortion at any stage of pregnancy a key aspect of her successful re-election bid.

It is very clear that Republicans took a thumping in the last election on the issue of abortion. The left threw money at races demonizing pro-life candidates as extreme and radical. You know what they say, “This scary looking candidate wants to force little girls to give birth even after they were raped by their creepy uncle Ted. Republican candidate stands with Creepy Uncle Ted.”

Hey, it worked. Pro-lifers are taking a beating.

So, is Trump right? Should truly pro-life candidates lie about rape and incest exceptions? Would it help?

As our good friend Nietzsche once said, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” That is the temptation, isn’t it?

But our fight is different. Their fight is a political one. They seek political power. We seek to change hearts and minds, not just score temporary political victories. We seek to save souls. The only way this country is saved is through a massive return to faith. That’s it. Lying about policy doesn’t help that.

We must do better at playing the political game, don’t get me wrong. We have been caught flat-footed since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We need to expose the left’s insane death fetish to the country. Sane people with any moral sense at all will recoil at what the Democrats promote. They’ll lie and say they don’t but we need to hammer them on their fetish of abortion up until the moment of birth.

In the meantime we all need to pray and evangelize the world. Explain your pro-life position as often as you can. Show that it’s consistent because it’s true. All human life is sacred.

Once you admit exceptions, all life is in danger.

We are not called to score political victories. We are called to love. Let’s do that.