This is madness. This is leftist totalitarianism. The California legislature passed a bill essentially requiring parents to “affirm” their child’s chosen gender or risk having the children removed from their custody.

This is no longer the slippery slope. This is free fall.

The author of the bill said that failure to affirm your child’s chosen gender should be considered “abuse.”

Here. We. Go.

National Review: The California State Assembly passed a bill along strictly party lines requiring judges presiding over child custody hearings to weigh whether a parent supports their kid’s “gender transition” in determining “the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

“This bill, for purposes of this provision, would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child,” the legislation reads.

California Bill AB957 amended a section of the state Family Code focused on “the best interests of the child,” adding new “comprehensive factors” including “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression.”

“Affirmation includes a range of actions and will be unique for each child, but in every case must promote the child’s overall health and well-being,” the bill, authored by Democratic assembly member Lori Wilson, states.

At the time, Wilson reaffirmed the importance of her bill and called parents unsupportive of youth transition “abusive.”

“It is not taking away any other factor,” the assemblywoman told the outlet. “If a parent is abusive to their child, I don’t care what name they use for their child, I don’t care with what pronouns they use. That child should not be with that parent.”

Elon Musk, who recently accused an elite private school in California of infecting one of his children with a “woke mind virus” that led them to transition, reacted to the bill’s passage by calling it “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“What it actually means is that if you disagree with the other parent about sterilizing your child, you lose custody,” Musk wrote on the social-media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, which he acquired earlier this year. “Utter madness!”

In June, parental rights groups demonstrated outside the State Capitol in Sacramento to express their concern for the bill making its way through the legislative process.

“It happened to me when I refused to call my daughter by a male name and use male pronouns. CPS [Child Protective Services] showed up at my doorstep. The police followed,” Erica Friday, a community organizer and co-founder of the group OurDuty, told CBS News in June.

“No one is out to get your kids,” Wilson told a local news affiliate earlier this year. “No one is out to force your kids to be anything they shouldn’t be. It’s about really protecting children who are caught up in the family court system from a parent that is antagonistic or non-affirming.”

Me again. This is insanity. And don’t just think that this brand of insanity will stay in California. This is a mind-virus. Leftists everywhere will take this up and begin pushing for it and the Republicans will be unwilling or unable to stop it as they are mostly spineless amoeba creatures who feed only on themselves.

Sadly, there is no hiding from this anymore. This must be resisted, even by people who’ve been hesitant to get involved in so-called culture wars. You’ve hidden for so long that the enemy hordes have won the field.

This is a life or death struggle for the country. The verdict will decide whether children belong to their parents or to the state. The answer to that question defines who they are.

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