If this were targeting any other group this would be a hate crime that would dominate the headlines. As it is, however, targeting Christians this will be ignored.

The Gateway Pundit reports: A Maine church was vandalized over the weekend with LGBTQ and pro-abortion messages.

Members of the Second Baptist Church in Palermo are now asking for the vandalism to be investigated as an anti-Christian hate crime.

A pro-life sign that read “Every Life Matters,” and “Abortion is Still Murder,” was splattered with red paint, and a new sign was hung that said, “Abortion is our human right.”

The vandal, or vandals, also painted “Queer love 4 eva.”

Interesting that they splattered red paint on the pro-life sign? Isn’t that making the pro-life point about how violent abortion is?

And they wrote “queer love 4 Eva” on the dumpster. That’s at least somewhat fitting.

This isn’t even the first attack on the church. Things like this have happened before.

In response to the recent spate of hate crimes against Christians, the FBI reportedly said: