Honey, I know I took an oath, a vow, to be faithful to you but hey, circumstances change. We can’t get mired down in the letter of the law here, amirite? I mean, my oath is “not absolute” right?

This is what I’d get upon attempting that kind of argument.

What type of insanity is this where oaths are not absolute? What other parts of the Constitution does she find not absolute. Well, obviously, the right to life has long been ignored. The right to free speech? Hah. Give me a break.

Your rights are no longer absolute. Not during a pandemic. Or even if someone gets their feelings hurt. Words are violence, bigot. So shut up, they explained.

These people in power have no regard for your rights. Power only reaches its limits when apathy ends.

We have no regard for our vows because we no longer believe truth to be objective.

We no longer believe in a God to fear so why should we fear breaking our oath when there is no such thing as truth. They believe truth is decided by the powerful. And anyone who speaks actual truth must be punished because truth has a weight to it that people recognize.

If our elites no longer fear God or us, nothing can stop them. Their power ends where our resistance begins.