This is odious. But let’s be honest, this is what they have to think or say in order to defend their position. Denying the humanity of the unborn is a must.

Jen Psaki, former White House spokesperson and current talking head on MSNBC, compared babies to pieces of broccoli and/or lumps of coal.

That is vomit inducing.

The part about Republicans fretting about defending the pro-life position, that’s probably true. Most of them are with us only as long as it helps them. Our job is to make sure its helps them. The part the dead led red head cretin forgot to mention is that when people are confronted with the thought of abortion being available for all nine months they recoil. We just don’t do a good enough job in pointing this out to people.

The modern left is in favor of killing small human beings, castrating confused children, and preaching racism. The fact that most people aren’t recoiling in horror from these people is a sign we’re not doing our jobs effectively in promoting a loving, Christian worldview.

The fact is that a large amount of people don’t recoil in horror at those things anymore. They’ve come to accept these things as the way the world is today. “What can you do?”

The answer is not politics, it’s evangelization. You can’t make people care about others with a political ad. We must move their hearts, waker their souls. Pray for this country. I’m not saying vaguely hope good things for the country. I’m saying hit your knees, go to Mass, Pray the rosary with the intention that this country can return to Christ..