You likely remember the manifesto written by the young woman who thought she was a boy. Remember she shot up a Christian school and then her manifesto was hidden away because it didn’t fit the narrative.

Here’s the ironic part. According to the left, this shooting was done by a white male, which are the kind of shootings they love to exploit but not this one. Why? Because she’s not really a male. They showed that even they don’t believe it though they pretend to.

Anyway, they hid away the manifesto but Steven Crowder got a hold of it and released it. IN short in talks a lot about “white privilege” and all sorts of lefty buzzwords. Hmmm. I wonder why the left decided to hide the manifesto away.

Reddit banned anyone who posted the tranifesto. Immediately. Facebook began removing the posts of anyone who posted it. The media reported on this as if Crowder had committed a crime. Then they obfuscated what was in the tranifesto, pretending it wasn’t an anti-white hate crime.

That’s the thing about the media nowadays. They will lie to your face even when the evidence is right in front of your face that they’re lying. And guess what? Many will believe them. Many will accept their talking points because it allows them to continue living in a bubble.

Speaking of the bubble: