I couldn’t have been more wrong. I truly believed that once Roe v. Wade was overturned, the country would turn a little bit to sanity. I figured red states would ban abortion. Purple states would restrict it to 12 or 16 weeks while states like New York and California would enshrine abortion as society’s greatest right above all other rights.

I was wrong.

I believed that abortion had been foisted on us wrongly by an odious Supreme Court. But in the end, it was us. It was always us.

A country won’t support God given rights if it doesn’t believe in God.

Let’s be clear. Politically, pro-lifers are getting our butts kicked. Bad. We are losing everywhere. Ohio just enshrined abortion access into their state constitution. That allows for no restrictions, including parental consent. Ohio did this. What? And it’s not alone. Michigan did a similar thing last year.

We can point to the millions of dollars abortion advocates poured into the states. We can focus on the lies in their ads. And we should. But in the end we need to acknowledge that this isn’t merely a political problem. This is a spiritual sickness. We no longer support life because we no longer love. We don’t stand up for God given rights because we no longer believe in God.

We no longer believe love is our vocation. We have come to believe comfort is our right and that right is granted to us by the government. Suffering and sacrifice are anathema to modern culture. To be clear, you can not have real love in this fallen world without suffering and sacrifice.

We need to do political work and fundraise but more importantly, this is an evangelization problem. God is good. This country needs to be convinced of this once again. Too many Christians have remained silent for too long. Pro-death zealots are winning the day. Stand up. Be counted among the faithful.

It’s time.