The world is burning like a dumpster fire, including the requisite odd smells. Sane people throw their hands up at the sheer weight of madness surrounding us.

It gets to the point that its like we are adrift at sea and any sign of land is a cheered as a godsend. When anything remotely sane happens nowadays I get very excited and hope that it is a harbinger of things to come.

That’s merely a speck of sanity and it has us all cheering, right?

I love the fact that things didn’t go his way so he quit. That’s a sign you’re dealing with a stable adult, right?

Lately, we’ve seen several celebrities working their way publicly towards Christ. Jordan Peterson is likely the most prominent. Russell Brand, the comedian and podcaster, has been publicly stumbling towards Christ. Former SNL comedian and Sandler movie regular Rob Schneider converted to Catholicism.

Good news, right?

All three have quickly learned that bright lights attract big bugs and have been set upon by the vicious media and politicians. Yet, they persist in clinging to the truth and working their way towards Christ.

That can seem like a herculean task nowadays. But people want the truth and in the end will return to it. Our constancy in the face of the insanity that swirls around us will be noticed. That light in the darkness will be seen. We have an opportunity to share that light. Share our sanity.