The first debate is June 27th with the Democrat convention not scheduled until August. So, I know many people are suspecting that the Dems are gonna’ pump ol’ Joe so full of sanity shots to make him seem at least somewhat coherent for a few hours.

But it’s also possible that they’re planning NOT to inject the nasty old codger with anything and allow him to crash and burn on national television telling everyone that he remembers driving a 16 wheeler with Corn Pop. “I’m not joking, man.”

This way the Democrats can switch him out. They’ll say that given the terrible debate performance they will switch out the candidate just two months before the election. They’ll say they had no idea his cognitive decline had reached this point or they’ll call it “an episode.”

Don’t put it past them. Biden means nothing to them. In fact, they probably despise him at this point. Maybe even more than normal Americans do at this point.

Remember, the Dems have super delegates that essentially rule the party. Ask Bernie Sanders about that. Poor lil’ commie never stood a chance.

The Deep State can not afford a loss. They can not lose this time because they’ve been exposed. We know they exist now. This is a win at all costs election for them. They will not allow slow Joe to ruin this.