Catholic? What a joke.

As of now, you’d have to mark down that you’re ok with it but how long until that’s mandatory. Also, the pressure on a 17 year old kid to mark themselves down as cool with the latest fad is strong. These poor kids will feel like they have to say they’re ok with living with a tranny.

But these people don’t care. Every revolution has its innocent victims, am I right?

The College Fix: Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, announced plans to begin offering “gender-inclusive housing” to freshmen this fall after students passed a referendum calling for the change.

Now, when new students apply for on-campus housing, the university survey will ask about “gender inclusive” options, according to a “Residential Changes” announcement on its website.

“New students can indicate they identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming individual seeking gender inclusive housing, or they are welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ individuals and wish to be considered as a potential roommate for students seeking gender inclusive housing,” it states.

The GU Student Association celebrated the new “gender inclusive housing policies” on its Instagram page, crediting its April referendum for the change.

“This initiative could not have been successful without the [overwhelming] support of the student body and members from GUSA, @gupride , @qpocgu and other organizations on campus,” the association stated in a June post.

The referendum, which passed the student body by 91 percent, called on the Jesuit Catholic university to “allow students to live with students of the preferred gender, allowing them to room in spaces most comfortable and supportive of them,” The College Fix reported at the time.