CWN reports on a conference in Rome these past days discussing the future of Latin “with academics, politicians, and journalists discussing the role of the language in forming European identity.”

Forget about creating a European identity, what about a Catholic identity? How do you hold a conference on the future of Latin and not discuss the Motu Proprio? How do you ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room? More real discussion about the future of Latin likely occurred during bio-breaks and dinner.

The future of Latin hinges on the Motu Proprio. Without the introduction of Latin back into the lives of the faithful, it will continue the domain of scholars and those annoying kids from the chess club.

Participants in the congress noted a recent revival of interest in Latin. For example, a Vatican Radio report noted that in the United Kingdom, the number of schools offering instruction in Latin has doubled since 2003.

Interest could disappear just as quickly, so let’s get on with it already. Besides, I only have three more days until I have to go back and amend all my posts on the MP that predicted a May release to now say June. Way too much work, so hurry up please.