I will spare you all a detailed analysis of the report as that can be found elsewhere. I will cut to the chase. These are the pertinent parts from Rorate:

The text has already been signed by the Pontiff, who has even written a long exaplanatory letter, of a theological character, “addressed to all the Bishops of the world”, as it can be read in its introduction, “so that they may receive this document with serenity and patience”.

The Pope thus asks the Bishops, the clergy, and the faithful for a serene mood in the acceptance of the “Motu Proprio”, which will be presented in a Press Conference by Cardinals Francis Arinze, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, and Julian Herranz.

Monsignor Nicola Bux (a personal friend of the Pope), a theologian and collaborator of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, declares: “You may write calmly [that] Pope Benedict XVI loves agreement and collaboration, and does not wish to decide everything on his own, which is why he has heard several and repeated opinions, but the Motu Proprio for the liberalization of the Latin Mass has been signed and its publication is imminent, I would say it is a matter of days.”

Ok. Let’s sum up. What we thought we knew already:

  • Motu Proprio is signed.
  • Motu Proprio is in translation.
  • Long, theological letter to the Bishops to explain it all.

New stuff:

  • Excerpts from the intro (If they are making it up, this is a nice head fake.)
  • Details on the forthcoming presser to introduce it. (Cardinals Arinze, Castrillon Hoyos, and Herranz.)
  • Papal pal says it is only a matter of days. (Sure I have heard that one before, but what the heck, I will bite.)

There it is in a nutshell kids. Chill the champagne, (again) , put the 80′ party mix in the CD player (again) and let’s get ready to party. Unless we have to do this again next month.

Update: From the Pope himself via Una Voce, confirmation. On its way. HT Fr. Z.