We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
——”Tiller the Killer” and his illegal late term abortions.

No One Just Walks Away
——A true tale of faith and redemption.

I Am a White Dwarf
——A smaller, but more intensely burning church could save Europe?

Sacrificing Lives to the Agenda
——AIDS in Africa: Congress prefers lies and death to truth and life.

He Knows Them Each By Name
——Minnesota couple refuses to abort children, six are born.

News & Opinion

Ancient Tomb in Mexico Reveals Mass Child Sacrifice
Another great example of how wonderful life was in Mesoamerica before the terrible Christians showed up.

A Clockwork Paris
——Can Paris be saved? A little psychological torture goes a long way.

My Kind of Nuns
Fifty nuns drank half a litre of beer a day for 45 days ,”We did it for the good of humanity”

Church Walks Away from Amnesty International
A Vatican cardinal said Wednesday that Roman Catholics should stop donating money to Amnesty International following its adoption of a new policy calling for women to have access to abortion services.

Catholic Parish Builds Protestant Church
We’ve been building protestant churches for years, but this time we did it for actual protestants.

Catholic League vs. Barabra Walters
Bill Donohue’s Catholic Leagues takes out full page ad in the NYT asking Barbara Walters to stop the Catholic bashing.