In an amazing story a Gulf War veteran, Jesse Ramirez, who was set to die by having his feeding tube removed in an Arizona hospital was found to have regained complete consciousness on Tuesday.

The lovely Mrs. Ramirez asked the court to have her husband’s feeding tube removed after just 10 days in a comatose state following a bad car accident on May 30.

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Her justification? Well the doctors explained that the accident would probably leave the man blind or in vegetative state.

“Oh, he might be blind! I didn’t sign on for that. Pull that plug.” Wow.

For five days, the hospital withheld sustenance from the injured man, but restored the tubes after the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) – an Ariz.-based Christian law firm – filed a lawsuit on behalf of the rest of Ramirez family.

Now, you might feel bad for Mrs. Ramirez. Obviously she had lost all hope and was severely distraught, right?

According to a report from Rebecca Ramirez, who was also in the Toyota SUV when it crashed, the accident was a result of a heated argument in the car between the husband and wife about a man’s phone number on Rebecca’s phone. It was reported that Jesse was suspicious of an affair.

After refusing to let the woman out of the car, she opened her door as if to jump, causing concern to Jesse which led to him to flip the car over and throw them both from the vehicle.

She caused the accident because she was accused of having been to the cheatin’ side of town and then she tries to ‘off’ him by pulling the tubes. I think I could get past the possible infidelity, but the killing thing might mean the relationship is in trouble. The really distressing thing is that for 5 days, the hospital went along with the attempted murder.

The hospital and Mrs. Ramirez should be brought up on charges. However we all know how unlikely that is. Michael Schiavo got away with it. So will she.

Boy, would I like to have been a fly on the wall when Mrs. Ramirez saw her husband wake up.

Mrs. Ramirez: “Hi honey, I am so surprised to see you. Now some people might tell you some crazy tales about tubes and court orders. Pay no attention to that. The important thing is that you are feeling better.”
Mr. Ramirez: “uh…honey….you are standing on my oxygen tube”
Mrs. Ramirez. “Oh, am I? So sorry…”