Congrats! It’s A Girl
——Congratulations to Matthew and his wife on the birth of their 5th child.

List of People Not to Hire for Church Architecture
——Architecture resource web site is veritable wrecking crew.

“Follow Me, Pilgrim” – The John Wayne of Popes
——Steady and deliberate, the Pope leads like the Duke.

Somebody in Congress Took Their Crazy Pill Today
——Freshman Congressman goes off deep end, media yawns.

Georgetown Prof Asks “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”
——Militant atheists are very grumpy.

Summorum Pontificum: A Template for Tardy Bishops
——CMR lends the bishops a hand.

Stem Cells vs. Partial Birth Abortion
——When the issue is more important than the cure.

Whatever Happened to Mortal Sin?
——Fr. Tim Finigan on mortal sin and excuses.

An Abnormal Life In the Me-Centric Universe
——It is all about how you define normal.

News & Opinion

War of the Ring is Lost
——Student loses quest for the ring.

Cartoonist Compares U.S. Soldiers to Terrorists, Mocks Religion
——This is the most sickening cartoon I’ve ever seen. Period.

Trautman: Not In My Diocese!
——My ineffable revulsion for what the Bishop has wrought to thwart the motu proprio is unfeigned.

New Archbishop for Historic US Archdiocese
——Archbishop Edwin O’Brien has been appointed Archbishop of Baltimore, the oldest diocese in the US.

Hire Hookers for Educators Now!
——Under-sexed teachers are a danger we just can’t ignore.

Always Keep Your Receipts
——Bible is more true than you thought, and they have the receipts to prove it.