Summorum Pontificum: I May Have to Move to Virginia
——After seeing this pastor’s response, I may have to move to McLean!

Is the Fat Lady Singing for the Anglican “Communion?”
——Boycott could spell the end of the Anglican Communion. Can the CofE and Rowan Williams survive?

El gato de la muerte!
——Fiendish Feline has killed more geriatrics than Angela Lansbury!

My Baby is a Knick-Knack
——Parenting is all about a good defense.

Specter Has Buyer’s Remorse on Pro-Life Judges
——Senator would never have allowed this if he knew babies might live.

Christian, But Not Too Much
——If you want Christianity with out all that repressive Jesusy stuff, the UCC is for you.

Dora the Explorer Arrested for DUI, Drugs
——Somebody save this child star from herself!

Orwell Has Nothing on the World Bank
——World Bank takes pro-abortion NewSpeak to a new level.

Art & Architecture

New!A Visit to Ave Maria University
——D Mac gives us a first hand report of his visit to Ave Maria and he is not impressed.

New!Renewal of Architecture: Duncan Stroik
——The earliest and most persistent voice in the current revival of classical architecture for Catholic liturgical use.

Trautman: Not In My Diocese!
——My ineffable revulsion for what the Bishop has wrought to thwart the motu proprio is unfeigned.

An Abnormal Life In the Me-Centric Universe
——It is all about how you define normal.

LA Times Loses Its Religion Writer to Atheism
——The leap of faith is just too difficult for some.

Throwing Christians to the Gators
——Christian fraternities need not apply. Separation of church and the all-encompassing state.