Dutch Bishop Smokin’ Dope
——Dutch Bishop wants people to start calling God Allah.

Crazy Atheist Sues Texas for Moment of Silence
——An atheist is suing a school district in Texas and its Governor for allowing a moment of silence in his children’s elementary school class.

Princeton Prof. Scolds Church on Life
——Matthew actually agrees with an Ivy league professor!

Parish Goes on Hunger Strike over Transfered Priest
——Let the priest stay, because we don’t want him!

How do you put the genie back in the bottle?
——What do we do about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion?

Catholic Federal Judge Accused of Religious Bias
——Judge should recuse himself for being…too..catholic.

Pope Benedict to Appoint New Cardinals?
——Some reports indicate that he will in November.

Bishop Baker of Charleston appointed to head Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama
——The Vatican announced this morning that Pope Benedict XVI has chosen Bishop Robert J. Baker, currently the bishop of Charleston, South Carolina to head the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama.

Man upset with God rams church
——A Florida man allegedly took out his frustration with God by slamming his pickup truck into a St. Augustine church Tuesday.

No shortage of priests in Atlanta, more than 50 seminarians
——”We have one of the strongest vocational programs in the country,” said Father Luke Ballman, the director of vocations.

Catholic Exchange – The Anglican Right
——By Fr. Dwight Longenecker