Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for girls (especially my daughter) wearing burkas, but this is just silly.

The Bishop of Breda, Tiny Muskens [I wonder if Muskens translates to brain?], wants people to start calling God Allah. He says the Netherlands should look to Indonesia [yeah, look to the Muslim countries as the model of tolerance], where the Christian churches already pray to Allah. It is also common in the Arab world: Christian and Muslim Arabs use the words God and Allah interchangeably.

Speaking on the Dutch TV programme Network on Monday evening, Bishop Muskens says it could take another 100 years but eventually the name Allah will be used by Dutch churches. And that will promote rapprochement between the two religions. …[one wonders, in another 100 hundred years when sharia law rules the Netherlands, if you will have any choice?]

More than 30 years ago Bishop Muskens worked in Indonesia and, there, God was called Allah, even in Catholic churches [womynpriests worship mother earth in some places, I am still not cool with it]. The Dutch should learn to get on spontaneously with different cultures, religions and behaviour patterns:[yeah, the Dutch are notoriously closed minded, they need to light up…uh.. I mean lighten up.]

Someone like me has prayed to Allah yang maha kuasa (Almighty God) for eight years in Indonesia and other priests for 20 or 30 years [wait, did he say he has prayed to other priests for 20 years?]. In the heart of the Eucharist, God is called Allah over there, so why can’t we start doing that together?” …[sure…when the notoriously tolerant people ‘over there’ start praying the rosary and eatin’ ham sandwiches, count me in for a discussion over terminology. Until then….]

Bishop Muskens proposal will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome from the Islamic community in the Netherlands. [I bet… the same warm welcome that Jane Fonda received from the North Vietnamese.]

Boy I can’t wait until there aren’t any bishops left who remember the sixties! This is proof that they are still smokin’ dope in the Netherlands!

Ht to Gerald at the Cafeteria.