Priests Turn Their Back on the People, Says Critics
——What about all the other professions that turn their back to the people?

Good Reporting is Possible
——Secular reporter shows that it can be done. A well balanced and interesting report.

Rock Star Pope
——Woodstock like event calls for peace, love, and Pope.

Jindal Doing Well Despite Anti-Catholic Ads
——Attack ad backfires.

Bishop Lucas Of Springfield Il Responds to the Motu Proprio
——Another ‘wide and generous’ response to the Motu Proprio.

Catholic Church-A-Day: Chicago
——D Mac’s series on the Churches of Chicago.

Serious Thinking About Liturgical Art and Architecture
——D Mac received an e-mail from someone asking if he believes that traditional architecture is the best way to build Catholic churches was some form of nostalgia for something “not of our time.” No, it is much more serious than that.

I Am Only A Father
——Every day we make decisions that define us.

A Back to School Story And Modern Day Miracle
——Tommy believed in miracles and now so do I.