I’m getting a little tired of all the criticisms in the press of Summorum Pontificum and the liberalization of the Latin Mass. I love most how critics never fail to mention that the “priest has his back to the people.” But they never seem to mention what the priest is facing.

So I’m thinking that since facing the people is of such importance for the priest I’m wondering if we should focus this important factor on other professions.

History Books: The General led his troops into the battle…with his back turned to his own people.

Science Books: The astronomer discovered the meteor while looking through his telescope… while he had his back turned to the people.

Sports: The Bowler bowled a perfect game…with his back turned to the people.
(I thought about using an archer but it seemed dangerous)

Flying Manual: The main responsibility of a pilot is to fly and land the plane and not crash into any mountains…while your back is turned towards the people.

Weddings: Matt and Christie swore fidelity to each other and repeated the marriage vows…with their backs turned towards the people.

This all seems a little silly doesn’t it? Well so is this critique when its used on priests. What the priest is facing must be at least as important (it’s actually more) as what he’s turned away from.

So all you critics stop talking about priest turning their backs and just go back to accusing us of trying to turn back the clock.