In an article entitled “DAMNED! Pope’s Narrow Beliefs Deny Afterlife To Non-Catholics” the oldest college newspaper in California from Pomona College proves that Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable bias.

For the rampant anti-religious sentiment shared among today’s secular world, I tip my hat to none other than the face of my religion, Pope Benedict XVI.

His Holiness lacks an eye for inclusiveness, opting to piss off various Christian churches through his belief in universal primacy, a philosophy that dictates the supremacy of the Catholic Church and denies heavenly salvation to unapproved offshoots. Pope Benedict sentences all members of different religions to an afterlife of misery. Catholics: 1, Protestants: 0.

The absurdity of the Pope’s dictum makes one’s head spin. The Pope enforces a juvenile schism frequently witnessed in grammar school gym class: the “winning” team versus the losers. Mahatma Gandhi is conspicuously among those missing out.

Did the writers or editors do any research on this? Is there any other religion in the world that it would be ok to revile in such an ignorant manner such as this.

And I just have to point out that of course, the Pope said nothing of the kind and even a Google search would indicate that.

With exclusive, regressive doctrines spewing forth annually from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the modern title of what was previously the Holy Office of the Inquisition, is it any wonder why Joy Behar slips in smug anti-Catholic jokes on The View? Or why the average youth regards organized religion as an instrument of ignorance and intolerance? Pope Benedict craves to uphold traditional morality in a secular world, but issuing commandments denying others their spiritual happiness is a tad counterproductive.

Ok. Firstly, what’s a college student sitting around like an 80 year old woman watching “The View” for. I mean dude, get a life. And you have to love the use of the Inquisition in this piece. That’s always the tell-tale sign that someone has it out for the Church. I think we’re getting to the point that even stone-cold atheists who’ve never stepped inside a church anywhere could recite that the CDF used to be called “The Holy Office of the Inquisition.” Cue the menacing music.

Proponents of the Pope’s actions maintain that he holds true to traditional teachings of the Church. However, to justify any law on the basis of “maintaining tradition” is a questionable act. Burning witches, practicing simony, and executing political opponents are antiquated customs of the Roman Catholic Church, originating from the historic belief in Catholic supremacy. Ironically, the corruption of the early Roman Catholic Church contributed to the rise of separate Christian organizations—churches now denied heavenly entrance by the Pope.

We cannot afford to stay stuck in an age when religion justified everything from brutal warfare to atrocious torture. As Thomas Jefferson noted, “we might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

In his eagerness to linger in antediluvian tradition, the Holy See misses reinforcing the most precious doctrine of all: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Does anything else really matter?

And this author is doing what to promote love in this article? This is such an outrageous slander and just plain stupid attack on Catholicism. Can you imagine a news outlet attacking Judaism in such a way? They’d be brought up on charges. Islam? They’d be in hiding. But this story will hardly raise an eyebrow. Except here.