Saint Francis and Virgin Mary Get Evicted
—Garden Gnomes now have the run of the place.

Ahmadinejad – In the Movies
—If Mahmoud ever gets tired of the crazy dictator role, here are some other roles for him.

Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Bias
—”DAMNED! Pope’s Narrow Beliefs Deny Afterlife To Non-Catholics”

Did Jesus Come to Secure Mob Rule?
—”And Jesus said to them ‘Truly, truly I say unto you. Unless you give into mob rule, you shall have no life in you. Tough Nuggies’.”

Sooner Insanity
—Oklahoma Priest objects to the motu proprio.

Obama: Regulate Abortion
—Obama says “Do as I said, not as I say!”

Cardinal George on the Motu Proprio
—‘We’re somewhere else now.’

The World’s Easiest Job
—This goes way beyond the pot calling the kettle black!