Saint Francis and the Virgin Mary have been evicted from a condominium development on Long Island. They weren’t even playing their music loud.

Crosses and religious statues have been banished from plain sight by order of a recently issued community board rule from a Long Island condo development, according to NBC News.

The board at Country Pointe at Coram has passed a rule banning religious statues in gardens and other common areas where the religious symbols might hurt somebody’s feelings.

Residents at the condo are now hiding their religious statues by backyard patios, after the management company of the 240-unit complex sent letters threatening fines if religious statues weren’t removed.

Statues of gnomes, scarecrows and plastic pink flamingos are, of course, allowed in the gardens.

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is questioning the new rule, calling it prejudicial of people of faith and anti-Catholic. In response, the board said the rule is “non-denominational.”

Why is it that those who are so worried about someone offending others never seem concerned about offending anyone? And when did freedom of religion become freedom from religion?