Mother Angelica Branches Out
—Mother Angelica’s nuns break ground in Arizona.

Darwin or Die
—Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe says intelligent design is a threat to democracy and must be crushed!

Tabernacle Back Where It Belongs
—Renovations at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fargo North Dakota include moving the tabernacle back from the side altar to the center of the sanctuary and adding a communion rail.

If Anglicans Reunite with Pope: Apocalypse to Follow
—If Anglicans reunite with Rome, theTrumpet says we are doomed!

Caption Contest
—The stupider the better.

Church Arson Bad – But On The Other Hand
—Burning Churches is an understandable reaction, even if it is arson.

Climb on the Offense Train
—I take offense by your being offended.

How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
—The Curt Jester has a great review of Thomas Woods Jr.’s Book on the True history of the Church.

China’s one-child self-destruction
— By George Weigel

Yes to Death, No to Life
—How can we tell children it’s ok to end life but not to begin it.

Who-ville Pushes Back
—A nativity scene story on Halloween.

Two Takes on Tridentine Mass
—A secular newspaper and a priest measure response to the motu proprio. Guess who gets it right?