Once again, dear children, we get to sit at the knee of that great font of wisdom Fr. Pat Wissman of Sacred Heart Church in Missouri. Remember that this is the man who brought us the memorable “The Latin Mass, Hitler, Martin Luther, and Much More!”

Today Fr. Pat has a special treat for us. He is going to teach us all about stewardship of our planet. So sit down, smoke your hallucinogenic drugs if you have ’em, and let Fr. Pat work his magic.

Much more has to be considered concerning the air we breathe and the water we drink. God bless those dedicated to the preservation of the earth! With rising prices in our economy, I am wondering if we won’t have to rethink our consumerism. I eat cereal a lot…especially oat products which are good for the heart and for weight control. However, I am troubled by all the cardboard cereal boxes that I throw away! What a waste. Maybe I need to take recycling more seriously! I have noticed that at Wal-Mart there are containers where you can bring back your plastic bags for recycling.

Wow. I never thought of things that way. I never saw the link between consumerism and oat products before. How could I have been so blind? But yet there is even more wisdom.

The leaves that fall in the woods are biodegradable and enrich the soil as humus. The nuts and acorns that the squirrels don’t dig up during the winter become the next trees to sprout and later to produce more food for those furry little animals!

You are so right Fr. Pat! Some of the nuts become trees for our furry friends. Fortunately, not all of them. Some of them grow up to be pastors in Missouri.