Talking Chimp Dies
—What happened to famous last words?

The Rubrics of Maternity
—A male’s one sided perspective on the childbirth experience.

My Backyard Murder Rate
—Philly hires new “high profile” police chief. Is that a good thing?

Catholic, Orthodox On Road to Unity?
—Pope has Primacy, but what does that mean?

Santa vs. Rappers

Will the Real Anglicans Please Stand Up?
—Traditional Anglicans explain their proposed unity with Rome.

Rutler on Williams
—The brilliant wit of Rutler. George Rutler likens Rowan Williams to a Wodehouse character.

For the Liturgically Impaired
—Happy Clappy Liturgy at Steubenville.

This Was The Terrorist’s Plan All Along!
—Terrorists are against Christmas. Now they have gone too far!

Headline Prognostication
—Media Guide to anti-papal headlines.

American Cities Angry At Pope
—Major metropolitan newspapers are going negative on the Pope because he’s not coming to their fair cities.

Update: Baltimore Priest Can Return to Active Duty
—Baltimore Priest gets a “Time Out”