CNN’s “The Situation Room,” has long been biased against conservatives but now the show (hosted by Wolf Blitzer) is showing its contempt for Catholics as well.

CNN is reporting that the new document issued by the Catholic bishops on voting stated that “the candidate who supports abortion rights shouldn’t necessarily be counted out for your vote.”

Now do you know anyone who is honestly taking that angle? The bishops document states clearly that abortion can not be seen as one issue among many. CNN, either intentionally or stupidly, clouds this point.

Besides this, the report also highlighted the issue of denying pro-abortion politicians Communion like Archbishop Raymond Burke did with Senator John Kerry. CNN correspondent Mary Snow reported that some “critics” state that “the Communion question was created by extremists, and they hope they’re shut out of this election cycle.” Then, of course, the reporter speaks to two liberal Catholics who agree with her.

Please watch the video from cnn.