Episcopal Bishop Swims Tiber
—Bishop John Lipscomb of Southwest Florida seeks reception in the Catholic Church.

Why Can’t I Be the New Anything?
—Matthew wonders if stupidity is the “new” intelligent.

Please Don’t Pray at Mass!
—Long Island Pastor decries the bad ol’ days when the Mass was “incomprehensible.”

Can One ‘Bad” Vote Send You To Hell? Sure!
—That is not what God wants. I can tell you what God really wants…for a fee.

Pot Calling Kettle
—This quote from Anglicans qualifies for the Irony World Championship.

ACLU: No More Praying in Public
—The ACLU of Indiana in an example of “if at first you don’t succeed try try again”

Niagara Falls
—Niagara Anglicans to “bless” same sex “marriages.” Traditional Anglicans dismayed.

Will the Real Anglicans Please Stand Up?
—Traditional Anglicans explain their proposed unity with Rome.

CNN Misleads on Bishops Statement on Abortion
—There are lies, damned lies, and then there is CNN.