I give thanks today for life, God’s free gift. There were very important developments this week in the fight to defend life from conception to natural death.

The first development this week is the very exciting news that scientists have successfully created pluripotent stem cells from adult skin cells. This may remove the need to destroy embryos to harvest these cells. No doubt that the death eaters will continue to find any reason possible to continue to devalue human life and destroy the unborn. But still, very good news.

The other good news for which I give thanks happened with a little less fanfare is the approval by the Colorado Supreme Court to allow a ballot initiative that defines an embryo as a person. This could extend all the protection of personhood to the unborn. Undoubtedly, the initiative and the legal battles face significant obstacles yet to come. But a great first step.

Last but certainly not least, I give thanks for the birth of my daughter Grace Ann this week. This little freely given, unmerited favor, from the love of God is the greatest reminder for me of the sanctity of all human life. I give thanks to almighty God today for these events that move us a little closer to the day when all human life will be seen by man the same way that God sees it.