The Award for soulless-science-speak about human beings goes to Shoukhrat Mitalipov, the scientist who reported the first creation of stem cells from cloned monkey embryos (the other big news last week), says in the New York Times that the embryo is the only “perfect reprogramming machine” and is confident that this method of producing stem cells will be the first to show therapeutic value.

Babies are the “perfect reprogramming machine?”

Ironically, the piece is entitled “Who’s Afraid of “Soulless Scientism”?”

Count me in.

Secularists have shown that despite recent advances in science that doesn’t require a body count, they still want embryonic stem cell research done. In a plea to the White House Senator Tom Harkin asked that in light of new science that maybe scientists could essentially continue destroying embryos just in case.

Harkin has pushed for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and said he will continue to do so even though it is irrelevant just because it’s such a good political wedge issue. The Democratic Party is clearly upset they won’t have any more reason to put Michael J. Fox in their ads anymore shaming the American public into killing human beings.

“Our top researchers recognize that this new development does not mean that we should discontinue studying embryonic stem cells,” he said in a written statement. “Scientists may yet find that embryonic stem cells are more powerful. We need to continue to pursue all alternatives as we search for treatments for diabetes, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries.”

This fascination with destroying embryos needlessly borders on bloodlust.