Today is the Real Feast Day of Good Ol’ Saint Nick
—St. Nicholas Feastday is December 6th. He is the patron of Bakers and Pawnbrokers Who’d a thunk it?

Fr. Greeley: Priests Are Happy Without Wives
—Stop the presses. We agree with Greely.

Pope: Trips to Lourdes to Cut Time Spent in Purgatory
—Matthew asks: Is it just me or does anyone else love indulgences?

CMR Varia
—Stuff. Good stuff from our friends and other…well…stuff.

Obama Must Have Been Pretty Smart
—The inevitable candidate must be very insecure if she is leveling this silly charge.

Can We Please Stop Pretending?
—The National Catholic Reporter drops the facade of Catholicity. Can we stop pretending now?

Catholic coloring book warns US kids of pedophile priests
—Yet for some, that isn’t enough!

Vocations: A Different Breed
—The new breed of men entering the seminary.

In Persona Christi
—I believe this is what the Pope intended by freeing the Latin Mass. A joy to read.

Kasper the Unfriendly?
—Cardinal tries to throw cold water on proposed Anglican Unity, but the Pope may be warmer to the idea.

Synods: Not What They Hoped To Be
—Progressives are frustrated that Synods are not little Vatican IIs.

Our Disastrous Trip to Santa
—Dude! Get off the phone and let’s hear some Ho Ho Ho’s.