Sister Kathy Avery, the Principal of St. Clare of Montefalco Catholic School in Michigan, won’t put up with swearing at her school so after Mass she read aloud to the students each and every word they weren’t allowed to say.

“It got a little quiet in church” during her talk, she told newspapers, which added that some parents were shocked, but others applauded.

“In a way you would think a nun would shy away from something like that, but she’s very open with the children, very clear in her messages,” said Margaret Roache, chairperson of the school commission. “I thought it was great.”

A representative of the Archdiocese of Detroit declined to comment Sunday. But I will. This approach just reeks of someone attempting to build up a legend about themselves, doesn’t it? This is another case of the “look at me” approach to raising children.

Cuss words aren’t the only things that set Sister Avery off. She’s also banned the words “stupid” and “boring.”

Well, Sister Avery may be stupid but she’s definitely not boring.