Mother Assumpta Long O.P. has a problem and maybe you can help. You see Mother, prioress of The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, has welcomed twelve new sisters into their community and they just have no place to put them all. With another big group expected next year, they need help now.

In this – our Tenth Jubilee year – the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist continue to thrive, having recently welcomed twelve new Sisters to our growing family. By seeking to emulate Mary’s total gift of self to God, the now 81 Sisters of our young and vibrant community hope to exhibit – in the words of Pope John Paul II — a “cultural and spiritual motherhood” to all of God’s people. The Holy Spirit has truly blessed us by sending us so many “Marys” ready to serve the world as Spiritual Mothers!

While we abundantly rejoice in the tremendous growth of our community, we also recognize the financial challenges such growth imposes upon us due to the substantial cost of housing and forming so many young Sisters, and training them as schoolteachers and witnesses to Christ’s universal love.

As has been the case for several years, our most imminent need continues to be additional living space. With 81 Sisters currently and another large group anticipated in 2008, the 70 cell capacity of our current Motherhouse is simply no longer sufficient to provide for the proper formation and education of our Sisters.

They are asking for donations to build new cells and choir stalls. But just don’t spend your money, spend the money of Tony from Catholic Pillow fight. He has vowed to match donations so let’s make him broke.

If you wish to leave Tony with some Christmas money, you can donate directly here! or check out their brochure here.