Gay Episcopal Bishop: “I Always Wanted to be a June Bride.”
—Gene Robinson adds insult to injury. Bye-bye Anglican Communion.

The Lost Art of Mockery
—Damian Thompson is a master mocker.

Christians Suffer Menorah Envy
—”What’s up with the giant menorah and the Charlie Brown Christmas tree?”

The Failure of Protestantism
—Has the Protestant experiment run out of steam?

Vatican’s Sloppy Filing
—Misfile some bills? Ok. Misplace some indulgences? Sure. Misfile a Michelangelo? Heads should roll!

Fr. Greeley: Priests Are Happy Without Wives
—Stop the presses. We agree with Greely.

Vocations: A Different Breed
—The new breed of men entering the seminary.

Can We Please Stop Pretending?
—The National Catholic Reporter drops the facade of Catholicity. Can we stop pretending now?

Our Disastrous Trip to Santa
—Dude! Get off the phone and let’s hear some Ho Ho Ho’s.