Huckabee Quotes Chesterton – Kinda’
—Presidential hopeful quotes Chesterton in Iowa victory speech.

Friday Funnies
—Check out these two funny videos. First Monty Python meets Star Wars and Tim Hawkins on how corporations will eventually steal “Praise and Worhsip” songs.

Media: Pope Confiscates Telescopes, Condemns Science
—Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Some Random Offensive Anti-Catholic Things I Found
—What do all these ridiculous things have in common?

—My sure fire predictions for great happenings in 2008!

Why Won’t You Rape Me You Racist Pig?
—This story takes bias to a whole new level!

NYT’s Maureen Dowd Undergoes New Age Exorcism
—Maureen Dowd is haunted by some ghosts of sexually frustrated nuns. They sure picked the right place.

Rutler for New York?
—Is Fr. George Rutler is on the short list of potential candidates for Archbishop of New York?