Will the Real Mark Shea Please Stand Up?
—Can Mark Shea dismiss Goldberg and love Levant?

Ecuminism the McBrien Way
—It’s a party! C’mon in. Please, eat and drink judgment upon yourself.

There were Giants in the Earth in Those Days
—Giant rats, sure! Giant people, no way!

Good News I Can’t be Happy About
—Is a down tick in the carnage really good news or is it just less bad news?

Stuff You Should Read and Some Other Stuff
—Homophobe-phobes, Chaput on the Catholic Citizen, Llama Chutes, and Evolution.

Atheists Sue to Block “Facing the Giants” Movie from Schools
—Evangelical Christian Film Is Inappropriate For Public School, Americans United Tells Alabama Educators

ACLU Fights the Most Important Battles of the Day
—The ACLU says we should have an expectation of privacy in a public bathroom. What part about “public” does the ACLU not understand?

You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape
—Archbishop Burke does his job.