I want something. I want to say yes or no. I want to pick one or the other. GOP voters should have the clear choice based on the records and ideas of two viable candidates. As long as Mike Huckabee stays in the race, we will be denied that choice. While Mitt Romney has been the clear choice of Republican and conservative voters, John McCain continues to win primaries. This is due to two factors. First, several of these early states allow democrats and independents to vote in the GOP primaries. John McCain has been the clear choice among these voters. Mitt Romney has been running a close second. Second, McCain has been winning because many socially conservative voters are voting for Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee remains in the race for reasons I cannot fathom even though he has no realistic chance of winning anymore. He has not won a race since the Iowa caucuses. He came in fourth in Florida. He is not in serious contention in any of the Super Tuesday states. But Huckabee remains in. By doing so, Mike Huckabee is denying me what I want most. I want an up or down vote on John McCain.

So with great respect, I cannot help but ask Mike to Get the Huck Out. Now. Respectfully of course.