Sneak Peak from La Crosse
—Architect Duncan Stroik sent some pictures today from the rapidly moving completion of the great Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

My Daughter’s First Confession
—A confession story that has very little to do with my daughter.

Go To Confession: You Won’t Regret It
—A pastoral message from Fr. John McCartney, whether he likes it or not.

It’s The Humility, Stupid
—Two paths to unity diverge is a wood. My hope lies with the one less traveled.
Obama’s Preacher: Fair Game?
—Romney had to answer for his religion. Shouldn’t Obama answer too?

Waiting in a Prayer-Filled Quietness
—Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion gives me great hope for unity.

Church is Searching for Jesus
—Casting agent has found 12 Apostles and a Judas but they’re still searching for Jesus.

Obama’s a Pregnant Woman at an Abortion Rally
—Celebrity endorsements just ain’t what they used to be.

Backlash: The Islamicization of Europe
—Dutch politician ‘hates’ Islam. It appears the feeling is mutual.