The Swiss Will Be The Death of us All (This is a Silly Post)
—A call to arms, very little arms.

Ding Dong The Witch is Not Dead
—If you thought Hillary was dangerous before, be very scared of zombie Hillary.

Osteen or Obama?
—Name the author of that ridiculous feel-good quote.

Moses Was Really High on Mount Sinai
—Moses supposes his toeses are roses, But Moses supposes erroneously. Clearly Moses was stoned.

Catholic Blog Awards – Vote Now
—You like us, you really really like us! (Sally Field reference for the uninformed.)

Keep Hillary Alive?
—If Hillary is dangling on a line one foot above the shark pool wearing a meat suit, shut up and cut the rope.

Mad World of Barack Obama
—My video essay about the kind of change Barack Obama really supports.

More on Obama: Bible Justifies Same Sex Unions
—The Obamessiah says the Bible made him do it!.

Horton Hears a What!?
—”A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Right?

The Gospel of Change: Infanticide
—What kind of change would the Obamessiah bring?

Do You Know What An Altar is?
—If the spindly “community table” of your church doesn’t seem quite right, here’s why.

The End of Civilization As We Know It
—The lies we tell to ourselves are the most costly.