I’ll admit it. I have a soft spot for Barack Obama because I like what his candidacy says about our great country.

Now, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania so people out here were talking often and vehemently about his recent comments. And I spoke with a few people who said there’s no way they’d ever vote for Obama after that. It had me thinking, “Hey, how great is America?” I mean it. I know Barack Obama wouldn’t agree. He doesn’t seem to much like America. He believes we need a transformation, a new kind of politics, a new way of looking at problems, a new this and a new that.

But I can’t help but think about how far we’ve come in just one generation. Just 50 years ago there was a real discussion in our country over whether African Americans deserved civil rights. And there was a struggle and there was violence and it was awful. And the right side won.

But now just 50 years later there is an African American running for President and many many people I know are rejecting him, not because he’s black. But because he’s a snob. He’s an ivy league elitist who looks down on regular folks who “cling to their guns and their religion.”

And many Americans don’t like him not because he’s for civil rights but because on the great civil rights struggle of our time for the unborn, Obama is on the wrong side.

If you ask me America should get points for that. This is something the media will never point out but I think it shows real advancement towards a color blind society. Kudos to America. We dislike Obama for the right reasons.

One of the other reasons I worry about Obama is he seems to have very big ideas. Not necessarily grounded in reality but big ideas nonetheless. There was something always reliably small about Bill Clinton. He wanted to be liked too much to do anything permanently damaging to the country. Obama’s different. He really wants to change America into something else…something European? I get the sense from him that because he looks down on middle America he doesn’t trust us to handle our own affairs. We’re not capable like an Ivy League lawyer/politician is capable. There’s something anti-American about Obama’s view of America. There’s something anti-American about Obama. And that’s why many people won’t vote for him. So yeah a lot of us aren’t going to vote for Obama and the country can hold its head high because it’s for the right reasons.