Newly elected Conservative mayor of London Boris Johnson says that enough to the secular wall established against Christian groups has got to go.

In an interview in Religious Intelligence, the Mayor said that the good work done by Christian groups is ignored.

“I think there is a culture now in our society where if something is even vaguely Christian, if there is a whiff of evangelical fervour about it then it’s almost somehow verboten to fund it,” he told the paper at a hustings event in the lead-up to the election.

He continued: “I think that’s quite wrong because if you look at the good that these groups do and you look at the way we’re going to transform society and undo the breakdown that we’ve seen in family life, the growing-up of kids without boundaries and all the rest of the things we’ve been talking about in this campaign, the Christian groups are essential.”

It is nice to hear such sentiments coming from someone in such a high governmental position. Mr. Johnson is a baptized Catholic, although he admits that his faith wavers.

“I suppose my own [faith] is a bit like trying to get Virgin Radio when you’re driving through the Chilterns. It sort of comes and goes.”

He added: “Sometimes the signal is strong and then sometimes, I’m afraid, it just vanishes. And then it comes back again. That’s where I am.”

While his faith may need some bolstering, his head is at least in the right place when it comes to the relationship between government and faith based groups. I admit that I have a soft spot for this guy. He is a Conservative born in New York, how bad could he be? We should all pray for Boris. I pray that his faith is strengthened and solidified, I pray that he governs well, and I pray that he eventually finds his comb. Sad, that.

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