Vatican: It’s OK to Believe in Aliens
—Mulder, Scully, and Pope Benedict?

Right to Life For Plants, Not People
—I’m giving up. The world has gone mad. Mad, I tell you!

Haugen Locuta Est – Causa Finita Est
—Marty Haugen responds and closes the case.

Why Are Atheists Obsessed With Religion?
—How do you fit all that hate onto a bumper sticker?

Signs of Progress
—Pro-abort pols missing their commencement invites from Catholic institutions.

Second Spring: Chicago’s Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
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What Traditional Anglicans Wrote To Rome
—Letter seeking union with the See of Rome.

Gerald Augustinus whY?
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Where Do Art Projects Go To Die?
—Calling All Parents!

Maybe Clericalism Wasn’t So Bad
—I am beginning to think that Maureen Martin might be a long lost sister of ours.

Archbishop Urges Gov. To Refrain from Communion
—Cites Abortion Stance

TiVo is Destroying Society!
—Someone Shot J.R.!?