Pope Benedict XVI should be questioned soon about clergy sex abuse in the Catholic church because he is the most knowledgeable person on the topic and his advanced age makes future testimony unlikely, an attorney said yesterday, according to the Associated Press.

Gutsy, huh? By any chance the attorney’s name wasn’t John Edwards was it? How ridiculous is this? Can you say media whores? Some people will do anything to get noticed. But mind you this guy isn’t the first. Similar lawsuits have named the pope, the Vatican and other high-ranking church officials as defendants. But they’ve all failed. So the lawyer knows they’ve failed. So why do it? The guy wants to grow up to be Gloria Allred.

Anyway, what does the Pope have to do with this? Does he really think these bishops and cardinals all get their orders every morning on a conference call with Rome. Obviously, this lawyer isn’t Catholic because then he’d know that the Cardinals and bishops completely ignore the Pope all the time.