Not that you would know it from the Ordinary Ministers of the Media, but Barack Obama is developing quite a reputation as a one man gaffe machine.

The latest Oblunder was this spiffy little comment made at Mount Rushmore:

[Hot Air] Democrat Barack Obama paid an unscheduled late-night visit to Mount Rushmore Friday, visiting the national memorial at closing time and joking that his ears were too big to ever be included in such a display. …

He did express curiosity about the filming of a chase scene in “North by Northwest,” Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint that included a death-defying scramble over Rushmore’s presidential faces.

“How did they get up there in the first place?” he asked ranger Wesley Jensen.

“They didn’t. It was a movie set,” Jensen told him.

“Pretty spiffy, isn’t it,” said the Illinois senator, summing up his overall impressions.

Spiffy indeed! Hot Air also has a nice little roundup of Obumble’s humorous missteps.

The Anchoress posts her thoughts on the issue…

I started out with an open mind about Obama. That’s changing.

Ace calls Barack Obama “like Dan Quayle, only dumber,” and it’s becoming difficult to disagree.

Can you imagine how the press, the late-night talk shows, the Jon Stewart’s and Steven Colbert’s, the Bill Maher’s the Keith Olbermann’s, the Chris Matthews’, the women on The View, Saturday Night Live and the rest of the news and entertainment media would be reacting to the astounding mindlessness of Barack Obama, if only he had an R after his last name?

Good lord, Dan Quayle fudged spelling potato and it still gets derisive laughs from the left.

But not just Dan Quayle, the list of conservatives that have been painted by the media as dim bulbs would guarantee carpal-tunnel if written longhand. Liberals who have received the same treatment, zilch. John Fund writes:

Over the years, reporters have tagged a long list of conservative public figures, from Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, as dim and uninformed. The reputation of some of these men has improved over time. But can anyone name a leading liberal figure who has developed a similar media reputation, even though the likes of Al Gore, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have committed substantial gaffes at times? No reporter I’ve talked to has come up with a solid example.

It’s clear some gaffes are considered more newsworthy than others. But it would behoove the media to check their premises when deciding just how much attention to pay to them. The best guideline might be: Show some restraint and judgment, but report them all.

Yes, report them all. I need the laugh.