Stupid Is As Stupid Does
—Is the Barack Obumble a moron? Obama’s Forrest Gump Moments.

Dear Scott McClellan
—When Terry McAuliffe has the moral high ground, you know you are in trouble.

CNN’s Anti-Catholic Spin
—In story about Vatican, CNN interviews Anglicans. That makes sense.

From Cool to Uncool
—Conversion is a One Way Street

The Polygamist Next Door
—If you are picturing blonde headed crying Mormons, think again!

There’s A Black Man Stealin’ My Show
—Catholic Priest says you are a white supremacist if you don’t want Obama.

Atheist Summer Camp
—Mocking Religion and Canoeing

Burke’s Inquisition Backed By The Inquisition
—CDF backs Archbishop Burke in St. Stan’s / Fr. Bozek debacle.

Ipods are Woobies
—Lose Your Security Blanket

Greatest Play in Baseball History
—Rick Monday Saves the Flag