CDC Lied About 1 in 4 Girls Having STD’s
—Government Lied, Children Will Die (But it’s for a good cause)

Despise Not Prophecy But Prove All Things
—A fascinating look at a 400 year old prophecy about today.

Why Study at the Liturgical Institute?
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Clay Aiken in the News
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Pfleger Gets Pfired? Pfanatical Sabbatical?
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Does Obama Believe in Sin?
—Shocking revelations from a 2004 interview

Variety: Religion and Movies Don’t Mix
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Put Up or Shut Up
—The outcome of this debate may determine the future viability of the Church of England.

Pfleger’s True Trinity
—Me, Myself, and I

Breaking News: Obama To Join New Church!
—Creative Minority has an exclusive on which Church Barack Obama will join next.

Fr.McBrien Wants To Censor Me!
—Richard McBrien wants me barred from receiving an honorary degree from a Catholic College. Sorta.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does
—Is the Barack Obumble a moron? Obama’s Forrest Gump Moments.