Those folks over at Igniter Media have a well done video asking Christians what type of Church have they chosen. A cruise ship church that caters to there every whim or a battleship church with a noble vision and the desire to fight for their beliefs? Watch it then let’s discuss a few points.

I enjoyed the video even though it has a clear protestant perspective. I applaud the notion that we should avoid churches that just make us feel good. Waste of time, those. The battleship analogy is a good one but I don’t think it goes far enough. The video asks the question “Does the captain submit to a higher authority?” Well, as a Catholic, the answer is emphatically yes.

Some other questions one should ask about their church are: Who founded the Church? Does it trace its roots back 20 years or 2000 years? By what authority does the captain teach? How do I know whether my captain teaches the truth when another very good battleship captain down the street teaches something different? How can I be sure of truth and authority? Is this the Church that Jesus founded?

Ask these questions and perhaps you will find yourself led to the greatest battleship of all, the Barque of Peter.