Obama: Mental Stress Can’t Justify Late Abortion
—I don’t believe him at all but I’m still stunned.

Brideshead Revisited Revisited
—God was edited out.

Annoy Me and Go Directly to Jail
—New Law Forbids Annoying Catholics. I’m liking it!

When Liturgical Puppets Attack!
—”Look Behind You!” They Cried. But It Was Too Late.

Atheist: What the FOCA?
—Atheist wants unholy alliance with inclusive Christians.

Georgetown Loses Feith
—Conservatives need not apply.

Cancel the 4th of July, America Has Sinned
—Oh Shame can you see!

Good News – Bad News
—I really wanted to write about something nice, but alas.

The Greatest of Simple Ideas
—A simple idea writ large. A video to make you smile.

Catholic Role Model on Television
—Ice Road Catholic

Lost Ladies of the Lectionary
—Sexist patriarchal conspiracy edits women out of the Bible. Sorta.

I’m A Wii Catholic
—Going through the motions but accomplishing little.