T.V. Got A Lot Worse Today
—Unshockable judges shock me.

Stations of the Cross Come to Life
—Magnificent photos from World Youth Day.

These Green Popes Are Killing Me
—Help! I’m being marginalized by my Popes.

Keep Your Enemies Close – You Have No Friends
—For global warming, the one thing that cannot be allowed is actual debate. Even if you asked for it.

When Christians Act Like Christians
—Even the secularists notice.

Vandals Deface Pro-Life Banner!
—I think I hear the “thud” of our culture hitting bottom.

Stuff You Should Read and Other Stuff
New Feature! Some stuff we came across in our travels…

Newsweek: Children = Unhappiness
—Newsweek’s nonsensical and narcissistic naval gazing.

Ten Worst Baby Products EVER!
—The absolutely best products to ensure everyone knows you’re the worst parent ever.

Conservatives Need Not Apply at Catholic College
—Feminist environmentalist social workers only.

Batty Babes in Beantown
—The Womynpriests are at it again!

What Animals Eating Other Animals Taught Me
—Kill or be killed or love. It’s our choice.